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Sea and fjord activities in Tromsø

Take off on a thrilling adventure in Tromsø! Explore the fjords, Arctic wildlife and the beautiful landscapes from the seaside or by land. Adventures include boat and fjord tours.

499 NOK
SUP rental

Enjoy summer fun on the water with our stand-up paddle rental in Tromsø! Reach out for requests.

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890 NOK
1hr Photo & History Cruise

Welcome on board this unique wooden vessel from 1917 for a memorable one hour cruise in the Tromsø sound.

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1290 NOK
Discover the Fjords of Kvaløya

This scenic drive will take you to fishing villages and wild nature areas on Kvaløya Island, along the fjords, and further to an open sea view.

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1590 NOK
Arctic light evening cruise

Witness the Arctic's enchanting Northern Lights on our Arctic Light Evening Cruise. Explore the beauty of the northern skies with us!

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1790 NOK
Fishing & Fjord Cruise

Join in on a real coastal experience. The captain sets the course for good fishing spots while sailing in spectacular surroundings.

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1290 NOK
Fjord and history cruise

Sail with Hermes II: Explore Fjords & Wildlife, Heated Lounge, and free Warm Treats. Join us for a unforgetful adventure!

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1350 NOK
Tromso's Photo-Perfect Fjord Tour

Unveil Tromso's mesmerizing beauty and capture moments that leave an indelible mark on your heart. Dive deep into a Nordic adventure and return with a treasure trove of memories.

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20.000 NOK
Private cruise by high speed RIB

Discover Tromsø in style on our private RIB cruise. Enjoy a personalized Arctic adventure through stunning landscapes.

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1550 NOK
Arctic Morning Floating

Dive yourself in the Arctic Ocean, floating effortlessly in our advanced rescue suits for a unique and cozy experience in chilly waters.

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2100 NOK
Arctic Ocean Floating by Night

Float in premium immersion suits, ensuring warmth and near weightlessness. An unforgettable Arctic activity engraved in your memories.

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40.000 NOK
Private Whale safari by RIB

Experience high-speed whale watching on Talaria! Heated cabin, expert guides – a thrilling yet comfortable encounter with whales.

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1650 NOK
Whale watching by Gabriele // Tromsø

Go whale watching with Gabriele, a warm and comfortable boat with plenty of space both inside and outside. Gabriele is one of the fastest boats in Tromsø, and quickly reach out to the whales.

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