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Northern lights in Tromsø

Experience the Northern Lights in Tromsø. Book your adventure for a chance to witness the captivating Aurora Borealis in the Arctic sky!

Northern lights chases and experiences

1295 NOK
Northern Lights Chase by Bus

Chase the mesmerizing Northern Lights in Tromsø on our bus tour. Witness nature's captivating light show in the Arctic sky. Book your adventure now!

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2290 NOK
Northern Lights Hunt

Every journey begins with a single step. You can start your green adventure right now and we will make your dreams of seeing the northern lights come true.

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1945 NOK
Northern Lights Visit - Incl. Transport

Experience the magic of the Northern Lights. Join us for an enchanting journey under the Arctic sky. Book your unforgettable adventure now!

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1900 NOK
Tromso Northern Lights Expedition

Northern Lights in Tromso: Craft Your Perfect Aurora Portrait with Trusted Arctic Experts

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1590 NOK
Arctic light evening cruise

Witness the Arctic's enchanting Northern Lights on our Arctic Light Evening Cruise. Explore the beauty of the northern skies with us!

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1670 NOK
Northern Lights Chase with Authentic North Norwegian Charm

Experience local North Norwegian hospitality and humor in a small group. We will take you on a journey into our coastal history, our pride and our heritage. Let us make your Northern Lights trip more than just a memory of the Northern Lights.

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2590 NOK
Dog Sledding Evening - Incl. Transport

Join our Evening Tour for an exciting dog sledding experience. Enjoy the unforgettable ride, suitable for participants of all skill levels!

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2245 NOK
Reindeer Sledding Evening - Incl. Transport

Discover magical Reindeer Sledding Evenings in Tromsø. Embrace Sami traditions under the Northern Lights. Book your enchanting adventure now!

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2445 NOK
Snowmobiling Evening - Incl. Transport

Experience the thrill of evening snowmobiling in Tromsø's winter wonderland. Book now for an Arctic adventure under the Northern Lights!

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415 NOK
Fjellheisen - Cable Car Ticket - Both Ways (Roundtrip)

Take in breathtaking panoramic views of Tromsø and the surrounding islands.

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Not including transport from Tromsø

1711 NOK
Northern Lights Visit - Excl. Transport ‎

Experience the awe of Northern Lights at Camp Tamok—your gateway to mesmerizing Aurora Borealis displays in a pristine wilderness setting. Unforgettable moments await!

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2356 NOK
Dog Sledding Evening - Excl. Transport

Join on an enjoyable dog sledding escapade with our Evening Tour. Delight in the excitement - a perfect fit for all levels of expertise!

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2011 NOK
Reindeer Sledding Evening - Excl. Transport

Enjoy the excitement of evening reindeer sledding in Tromsø, immersed in the captivating beauty of the Arctic. Book now for an unforgettable adventure!

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2211 NOK
Snowmobiling Evening - Excl. Transport

Embark on a thrilling evening snowmobiling adventure in Tromsø. Experience the Arctic magic under the Northern Lights. Book now!

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